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   Amanda Kari McHugh has gotten used to hearing her name pronounced as "manda" - with the sounds of bands, party-goers, synth and bass in the background and often alcohol in the speakers system, the "a" was just too much to bother with. Her work has been featured on publications such as The Hollywood Reporter (print), Vice, Everfest/Fest300, Lecturas (print), Insomniac, Dancing Astronaut, Mixmag, The Brooklyn Eagle and countless others. As a journalist she’s written articles covering primarily festivals including Sundance Film Festival, Desert Hearts and Art Basel Miami. She currently runs the blog Focal Nomad which explores her own healing and transformation through the exploration of travel, art and events. Most notably she was a producer on the Pivot docuseries Life Line Booth, the UPM for the viral musical comedy video “Burning Man: The Musical” and a producer for the award-winning webseries Slice the Series. Recently she was Associate Producer, raising 300k for the Kickstarter campaign of the upcoming feature-documentary I Know Catherine, the Log Lady, presented by David Lynch. While attending The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, she was a punk show promoter, experimental theater director, go-go dancer and animal rights activist. Having started out as an actress (SAG-AFTRA), Amanda focuses primarily on character development and highlighting the every day hero. Her feature-length documentary The Family Tree  is now in post-production.


+ videographer
Manda K Media
2014 Jan - present
+ journalist
2016 Jan - 2018 Aug
+ journalist
No Fear of Missing Out
2016 June - 2017 July
art director
2012 April - present
production coordinator
2014 April - present
2013 feb - present
social media manager
Jive Joint
2017 May - 2018 March
documentary filmmaker
What Now? Productions
2012 April - present
backend editor + events curator
2018 Dec - present
project manager
Creative Soldier
social media manager
Grateful Generation
2015 nov - 2017 oct
AMG Media Group


BFA Theater Arts
The University of the Arts
Philadelphia, PA
Directing, Production Design, Playwriting
The National Theatre Institute
- Eugene O'Neill Theater Center
- Royal Shakespeare Company
- Complicite
2009 Fall Semester Intensive


problem solving
analytical thinking
negotiation skills
team leadership
candids + editorial
low-light photography
creative flash control
run n' gun shooting
image creation for omni-channels
  • Leslie Foster

    Amanda has a brilliant eye for capturing everything from the joy and excitement of a live event to the intimate moments that happen in often-chaotic environments that many would miss. Her creativity, composition, and the joy she brings to the work are all incredible assets. I treasure her photographs of my last gallery show because they capture the space and the memories in a way few others could.

  • Lea Kenny

    Amanda did the photography for my wedding two years ago and the pictures turned out amazing!!! She was very professional and great at handling our young guest who didn’t understand about the ceremony and got out of his seat and walked up to my husband and I. She very quietly and gracefully directed him back to his seat. She took many beautiful staged and candid shots. I’m so happy to have all of those memories captured!

  • Leah Osnos

    Extremely professional and reliable with a great eye for capturing that perfect moment.

  • Natalie Scheetz

    An amazing photographer and lovely person. Wonderful to work with. Hire her now!!

  • Dave Slater

    We had her for a weekend campout in Northern California recently. She was professional the entire weekend, took thousands of fantastic shots, and has been great to work with since. Highly recommended!

  • Megan McGrorty

    I loved working with Amanda. She’s incredibly talented and easy to work with. I highly recommend her services. She was very professional, fun and creative.

  • Allison K. Joseph

    Very creative and innovative. Really pushes the boundaries of your average film project and photo shoot and really turns it into something that make you think or look at something in a completely different light. I’d be honored pick Amanda’s brain on a project any day. Professional, on time, communicative, kind and to-the-point. Great choice for any project.

  • Lizzie Rose

    Manda’s work is unparalleled in quality and deliverance. She is a beautiful human being and puts her heart and soul into her work- this is the difference between hiring a contractor and hiring a true creator. I would highly recommend working with her.

  • Royce Shockley

    Manda is very professional and easy to work with. Competitive rates and her turnaround times are great. I’d definitely hire her again and again. Highly recommended!

  • Debbie Paperman

    Manda is amazing! She has a high-quality photographer and really cares about her work and the people that she works with! If you were in need of a great photographer look no further!!

  • Jacqui Blue

    Manda is friendly, knowledgeable and easy to work with. Her experience and work ethic are top notch with high quality end product. Highly recommended.

  • Charles Babb

    Manda K Media is a highly professional company. The quality of her work is also amazing. I highly recommend hiring this media company to cover your events.

  • Julia Rae Moquin

    Amanda is the epitome of professionalism and artistry behind a lens. Recommend her for your future events // photo shoots // festivals & more!

  • Becca Rufer

    Very good at what she does. Versatile, thoughtful, creative, organized. Reasonable rates. Highly recommend.

  • Courtney Padove

    Highly recommend! If you’ve ever had the opportunity to work with Amanda or see her photography, you know how passionate and talented she is!

  • Hannah Ehlrich

    Thoughtful, kind, professional, incredible photography, and knew what she was talking about! I would recommend Manda to anyone who needed to make great memories!

  • Brittnee Offenberg

    Amanda is a wonderful photographer and what truly sets her aside is her passion and dedication to her craft.

  • David Elaine Alt.

    You will be blessed to work with Manda.

  • Kristen Gull

    Best photographer! So professional and courteous!

  • Ash Tree

    Great captures, awesome to work with!

  • Vladimir Sigalovich

    Amanda is amazing photographer and an absolute pleasure to work with!

  • Gretchen BeVard

    She has a great personality that is easy to work with!!

  • Yeva Syslo

    Beautiful work & I highly recommend her services to everyone!

  • Bruce Lindsay

    A hard working professional with tons of experience, you couldn’t ask for better!

  • Andres Rios

    Excellent and very professional!!!

  • Margaret Elizabeth

    Amanda is one of the most professional people I’ve had the chance to work with. Would totally recommend her to everyone.

  • Katie Kotulak

    If you’ve seen her work you know she has quite the eye for photography and is passionate about her projects!! Highly recommend!

  • Brandi Wood

    She is very professional and has a great eye. If I could give her a 10 I would without hesitation!

  • Hayley Diamond

    Beautiful work and amazing to work with! 5/5 would hire again!

  • Carley Schilling

    Smart and talented, beautiful person all the way around :) her pictures are a work of art!!!

  • Bess Glazer

    5 Stars! Amanda is amazingly talented and a true professional! She’s been dedicated to the media industry in various aspects and roles for most of her life! As a photographer she’s amazing and you won’t regret partnering up with her!

  • Jenny McCarthy

    Manda is a fantastic photographer. She is professional and also very friendly, which helps clients feel comfortable and confident with her.

  • Melanie Manooki

    Very friendly and efficient !! Knows her stuff.

  • Rodrigo Canon

    The best bar none!!!

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Los Angeles (currently residing)

New York City (former residence)

Philadelphia (former residence)

Syracuse (former residence)

San Francisco

San Diego

New Orleans




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